100% Guarantee: FreeOneHand iPad Holder & Stand guarantees its products for a lifetime against breakage under normal use or defects in workmanship.
Simply send back the product with your name, proof of purchase, and a return address and we will send you a replacement product free of charge.

100% Guarantee

Made in USA Made in USA
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The Most Comfortable Way to Hold & Use Your iPad

About FreeOneHand™

The FreeOneHand is a multi-function accessory
for the New iPad and iPad 2.

FreeOneHand, LP was established in 2010 to make well-engineered, versatile accessories for the iPad, emerging touch screen and mobile devices, tablets and e-readers.

Our first product, the FreeOneHand™ iPad® Holder & Stand was developed, with the help of Ergonomic Specialists, to be the most comfortable and ergonomic way to hold and use the iPad.

FreeOneHand iPad accessories are constructed of flexible and resilient elastomers that provide an excellent combination of lightweight properties, rigidity, comfort and durability.

We manufacture high quality products in the United States, that deliver satisfaction to our distribution, retail partners and consumers. Our products come with a 100% replacement guarantee.

FreeOneHand's ownership has decades of experience in product manufacturing, distribution and retailing both domestically and internationally including:
EPC, Inc. (Engineered Plastics Company, Inc.) was established in 1968. EPC, Inc. supplies many Fortune 500 corporations with engineered plastic mechanical components ranging from medical devices to defense weaponry for the U.S. Military. EPC is a AAA rated D&B corporation with a reputation of quality and competitiveness, and an established leader in the plastic manufacturing industry worldwide.

GreenKeepers, Inc. is a golf accessories manufacturer founded in 1996. GreenKeepers set the standard in golf cleats, with a revolutionary “outward traction” design, in the then newly emerging plastic golf spike market. The design has been used in millions of original equipment and replacement golf cleats.

GreenKeepers has developed and manufactured many product innovations including: the #1 ball lining tools in golf the LINEMUP and LINE M UP Pro , 4 Yards More Golf Tees, HANDRI, PRO ID, GREENSMATE and Towel Tote. GreenKeepers has extensive consumer product marketing experience with international distribution in 18 countries. We work with mass merchandisers including Wal-Mart, specialty chains Golf Galaxy and Golfsmith, thousands of on and off-course retailers, and e-commerce sites.